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Interesting facts about steroids

Theme, which I am going to talk about, is very sore in modern bodybuilding. But it is simply impossible to ignore. This article does not endorse the use of anabolic steroids, and sets the task to give you a certain level of knowledge. And you will decide to use them or not. To begin, I want to dispel myths about anabolic steroids.


Myth 1 – The competitors, who have passed a drug test, do not use steroids. The ideal option is to find ways and means to withdraw completely from all traces of the body’s steroid use. Of course there are those who do not use them. But most are, or used steroids in the past.

Myth 2 – Incurred illegal steroids contain impurities and can be dangerous. This is not true. Then most athletes were skinny and sick. In fact, sometimes the copy is better than the original.

Myth 3 – The effect of steroid use is exaggerated. They do not help athletes. If they did not help the athletes, then why would then give a drug test.

Myth 4 – Steroids can kill you. Have you ever heard that someone died from steroid use? The same can be said about smoking and alcohol consumption. For example, take steroids and aspirin. Aspirin is commercially available, and trade with steroids under the counter. What can you die of overdose? – From the aspirin! Nevertheless, all is knocked on steroids.

Myth 5 – The company, which manufactures sports nutrition, tells only the truth. Unfortunately, many companies that work for bodybuilding believe its main purpose to pull money from your pocket. Try to separate products and soon you’ll know what it is necessary to use. In the market there are quality products, you simply need to be able to understand. Also supplements that will never provide the result that steroids do. You can say something, but they simply supply the body with useful substances. In general – this is a common food. Now I introduce you to the most frequently used steroids. I’m not going to teach you to use them. But today, they occupy an important place in bodybuilding. It is impossible to ignore them. I can only tell you about them. No one can force you to make steroids.


Accutane – a great tool for those who like steroids. It does not cause acne. Available in tablets of 10, 20 and 40 mg. The recommended dose of 10-20 mg per day.

Anadrol 50 – perhaps the most powerful tool in the tablets. Available in 50 mg. The average dose of 20 to 30 mg per day. Anadrol 50 – English version of the previous medication. Tablets 25 mg.

Anavar – the most popular among women. Minimum side effects. To a greater degree it increases strength than mass.

Clenbuterol – not a steroid, but a very popular drug. Does not give significant weight increase, but reduces the percentage of fat. Available in tablets. Clomid – does not cause the formation of mother’s udder. It is not a steroid. Available in tablets. It is used by a tab. per day. It is important for management of side effects.

Dean 100 – veterinary medicine, but now it is used by athletes. Injection, the average dose of 200 ml per week.

Deca Durabolin – similar retabolil. One of the most popular drugs for injection. Virtually no side effects. Rare expensive, but there are many cheap in the market, no inferior copies. Increases strength and mass results. Promotes rapid recovery, help with injuries in the joints, provides the presence of liquid. Dose in combination with other steroids 200 ml per week. Can raise blood pressure is not recommended for regular use for long.

Dianabol – methandrostenolone analogue. The most commonly is used by involved and also by not involved. One of the most popular drugs. Most copies are available in the market. Tablets 5 mg. A dose of 4 to 10 tablets. per day. Increases the mass, but at high doses – more than 50 mg per day – can cause bouts of aggression.

Trenbolone acetate is popular among law enforcers. It is characterized by the entire set for steroids: aggression, acne, etc. Especially good for those who want to reduce weight. Increases strength results. And in bodybuilding is only used to increase muscle definition. It has a lot of side effects – primarily acts on the kidneys.

Gonadotropin – not a steroid, but helps to preserve the level of testosterone in time of steroids. After completing this course the level of testosterone decreases. It is complemented by a necessary element of steroids. Masteron – cheap drug. Popular among bodybuilders because it provides relief when preparing for competitions. Non-toxic, so good for those who have purchased suche udder.

Nolvadex – not a steroid. Should be used with any steroid course. Does not cause side effects. Minimizes the appearance of mother’s udder. Reduces body fat. Dose – 1 tablet. per day.

Parabolan – almost the same as trenbalon, but more potent. It is very toxic. Primabolan – very popular among women. Side effects were noted. Used to prepare for competitions. Sustanon 250 – very popular product. Its is preferred by most athletes, because it does not retain water in the body.

Testosterone Cypionate provides increased strength and weight of most consumers. Acting quickly enough. Causes aggression. They are often abused. Well use your head before you do anything! Testosterone Propionate is quick in preparation. The only drawback – use it in small doses. Suitable for those who want to avoid side effects when using cypionate.

Winstrol – use athletes as well as those who are afraid of side effects. Does not act at all. But those for whom it acts, are making very good progress.

That’s all on steroids.  But everything has a downside. Steroids have not the same effect on different people. But in general the effect is the same. Here are the main problem. Side effects: Acne – most of them do not survive. As a rule, after cessation of the course, they disappear. Aggressiveness is shown when some takes overly high doses of testosterone. Its hard to control, so take care of yourself. You can become very large, but very lonely. Some people on steroids are bald. In most cases, those who use medications containing large amounts of testosterone. When using steroids you can reduce immunity. So cold – a common occurrence. Daily intake of vitamin C will help to cope with the problem. Impotence – during the course of steroids sex drive diminishes. Usually recovers after the cessation of the course. Gynecomastia or suche udder – increasing the area around the nipples in males.This is due to secretions in the male the female hormone estrogen. In this situation it helps to receive during the course of Nolvadex. High blood pressure, this is a very common phenomenon. Constantly measure it. To reduce the pressure, reduce the dosage of steroid. Water retention by the body is a common problem. These are the main problems associated with the use of steroids. Issues related to steroids, especially regarding moral and ethical ways of application, can be discussed for hours. Let us hope that our little excursion has given you at least some idea of the steroids.