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Androlic (Oxymetholone) by British Dispensary 50 mg x 100 tabletsPrimobolan tablet is a wonderful drug to build solid weight. Primobolan tablet is a non-toxic oral steroid. Primobolan tablet is a widely used bodybuilding steroid. Oral Primobolan tablet promotes solid weight in a month. Primobolan tablet has a mild anabolic androgenic effect. Primobolan tablet contains Methenolone Acetate which promotes protein assimilation. Primobolan tablet is a highly gaining steroid to promotes fat-free weight. Oral bodybuilding steroid cheap Primobolan tablet is capable to add more than 5kg weight in three weeks. Primobolan tablet is a highly bulking steroid to produce fat-free weight. Primobolan tablet enhances bodybuilding protein. Primobolan tablet is capable to control estrogen hormone to build solid mass. Primobolan tablet shows little androgenic effect like acne, erectile dysfunction, and unusual hair growth.

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