Ovinum by Biolab 50mg x 10 tablets



  • Ingredient: Clomiphene Citrate
  • As known as: Clomid, Climophene
  • Content: 50mg x 10 Tabs
  • Manufacturer: Biolab

Ovinum or Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is a synthetic drug belonging to the sex hormone group. The most common use of this medication is to trigger ovulation in women who are having fertility problems. Ovinum or Clomid triggers the release of hormones in women who are irregular in their menstrual cycles, causing ovulation to occur. It has proven very successful in helping many women achieve their dream of conceiving. It is commonly referred to as the “fertility drug”. It is classified as an anti-estrogen. Anti-estrogens reduce the amount of estrogen in the human body. This is ncessary after steroid use to help prevent catabolism, (breaking down of complex molecules).

Although, it is mainly prescribed for women with fertility issues, it has ecome very popular among male athletes. Ovinum or Clomid increases strength in males and helps to build muscle, by way of raising the testosterone levels in the blood. this is especially true for the abdominal and upper arm muscles. The muscles will increase in size as long as there is an increase in the amount of physical activity while on this medication. It is known as a performance enhancing drug (PED). Sometimes males will run the risk of gynecomastia (increased breast size
in males), while taking steroids to improve performance during sports. Ovinum or Clomid helps reduce the risk in the development of this condition.

In some tissues, Ovinum or Clomid acts as an antagonist, causing certain cofactors not to bind, which leads to inactive receptors. In some cases, though it acts as an agonist causing receptors of cells to trigger responses. This results in a simulation of the bodies own naturally occurring substances. As well as being used as a fertility, and performance enhancing aid, it is effective for improving high cholesterol and an effective bone tissue agonist. It also has the ability to reverse the effects of muscle-tissue damage caused by the trauma of over-exercising. Ovinum or Clomid has proven to be very affective with endurance, but hasn’t had much of a positive impact on weight training. With all medications, be sure to seek a medical professional before beginning treatment.