HCG Pregny by Organon 5000iu x 3 amps + solvent




Chemical Name: Chorionic Gonadotropin
Content: 3 x 5000IU + 1amp. solvent
Manufacturer: Organon

Human chorionicum gonadotrophin (Pregnyl) is a hormone that is only found in the placenta of pregnant women. Its main interest for use in bodybuilding circles is that it can mimic the action of LH in the body. (LH is a hormone that is released and signals the manufacture of testosterone in the testicles). When too much sex hormones are released into the body (like anabolic androgenic steroids and estrogens) The brain signals to stop the release of LH. During long duration cycles, if natural testostoerone stays suppressed for considerable time, a male user may begin to note an atrophy in his testicles, meaning they will visibly shrink purely out of disuse.

HCG Pregnyl could be a maternity endocrine that has created the transition from fertility clinic to a weight loss clinic. This moot drug is believed to spice up metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Combined with strict fast, gonadotrophin Pregnyl is believed to speedily burn fat. Solely a doctor will decide whether or not gonadotrophin Pregnyl injections square measure the suitable course for anyone deciding to turn.

Pregnyl is employed to treat physiological condition. It may also be utilized in adolescent boys to initiate the dropping of the testicles. Last, gonadotrophin Pregnyl has become a weight-loss means that. The gonadotrophin injection will increase metabolism that causes the body to metabolize fat quickly.

While gonadotrophin Direct indicates Pregnyl has been wont to treat fat for nearly twenty five years, no recent research has been conducted to support that usage. A study conducted by the Yankee Medical Association in 1976 indicates there’s no vital decrease in weight loss with the usage of gonadotrophin. Those injected with gonadotrophin and people injected with a placebo yielded similar weight-loss results.