Nandro 250 – Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg/1ml x 5 amps



Nandro 250 – Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg/1ml x 5 amps

  • Ingredient: Nandrolone Decanoate
  • Trade Name: Nandro 250
  • Content: 250mg/1ml x 5 amps
  • Manufacturer:  Unigen Life Sciences

Nandro 250– Nandrolone Decanoate one of the most the top rated of anabolic of steroids in the world, because of the Fire of favorable of properties. By it’s very the structure of the, nandrolone is similar to the testosterone and differs from it only by the absence of carbon in the19th position, behind that he is still referred to as the 19nortestosteronom. This change makes the formulation much less androgenic than testosterone. Also this is the changes are playing its role in the terms of side-off effects. If you remember, testosterone is converted into DHT, which causes the greasiness of the skin, acne that nandrolone is converted to dihydro nandrolone, very inactive metabolite so androgenic side effects are almost will not bother you when using nandrolone decanoate.

Also Nandro 250 – nandrolone decanoate is a very weakly shall be converted into estrogens, that the also gives a minimum of estrogenic of side of effects. Antiestrogens are necessary only a sensitive to people. At high dosages in, it is possible to add a proviron Nolvadex. Obviously, nandrolone decanoate fine steroid in a ratio of side and main effects. It is even used in AIDS patients, to maintain the immune system. However, one must notice, that nandrolone is believed has a certain progestogenic activity, because of the fact same changes in the position of 19, in consequence of which, in an organism nandrolone is shall be converted in a 19-norprogesterone creates in a minor amount but which is can carry a certain harm to the, sort of progestogenic of gynecomastia and the fall of the body’s production of testosterone, estrogen feedback from the breach of the bond.

Nandro 250 – Nandrolone Decanoate gives the remarkable growth of muscle mass. Moderate properties of this drug you can use it on long courses, 8-12 weeks. Dosage for Men – 200-600mg a week, or 2mg for every pound own weight. Also of nandrolone decanoate is very popular among women, who is using it at a dosage of 50mg in a week. The phenomena of virilization in view of androgenic of the drug. How to have already it was mentioned, of nandrolone decanoate inhibits the production of own of testosterone. Therefore it is expedient at the end of the course to use the gonadotropin in the dose of 2500-5000ed every 5 days on the average.

Nandro 250 – Nandrolone decanoate & winstrol for several months can greatly increase muscle. For the greater hardness and rigidity of the muscles, it is possible to use the of nandrolone decanoate together with the like trenbolone. The most classic bunch on weight nandrolone decanoate & methandienone. In case you need the extreme weight, can be used in conjunction with nandrolone or testosterone esters, although in this case it will take quite a strong post cycle therapy.

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