Test Comp 250 – Testosterone Compound 250mg/1ml x 10ml



  • Content: 250mg/1ml x 10ml
  • Manufacturer:  Unigen Life Sciences
  • Ingredient: Testosterone Compound

TEST COMP 250 is employed to treat with regard to testosterone alternate remedy within men hypogonadal disarrays. It is an oil-based injectable containing numerous different testosterone esters: testosterone phenyl propionate (60 mg); testosterone propionate (30 mg); testosterone decanoate (100 mg); and testosterone isocaproate (60mg). It’s an intelligently “engineered” combination created to present a rapid but lengthy discharge of testosterone. Therefore it could supply major gets within durability & muscle groups, in addition to a perceptible enhance within sex drive.

The particular propionate & also vinyl propionate esters with this product typically are swiftly utilized, issuing straight into circulation in the initial four days. The rest of the esters usually are many reduced to push out a, staying mixed up in the body for about a pair and also numerous months. They have a considerable anabolic task, which has a noticeable androgenic component.

Such as zits, this growth associated by breast tissues (called gynecomastia), besides excess fat gain & lessened excess fat description, testicular shrinkage & mineral water storage.  Testosterone is frequently metabolized into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from the fivealpha-reductase enzyme. TEST COMP 250 has a more androgenic kind of Androgenic hormone, & DHT incorporates a higher holding affinity towards cells associated by both the prostate plus the head leading to hair thinning within reduction inside end users which may possibly have problems with man routine hair loss. Prostate development is frequently possible in Australia.

This particular is perhaps the most in-demand injectable testosterones like the combination of this some various esters work synergistically together, the 2 rapidly appearing besides long lasting. The combination of testosterones enables the idea being identified with these receptors intended for extended time frames like compared to other testosterones. The employment of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) / Clomiphene Citrate/Tamoxifen Citrate can be advantageous with the end of usage as a way to make sure equilibrium of the Australian hormone system.

Though Test – comp 250 carries a length consequence of the beneficial two to three weeks in most cases treated at any rate one time a week. A satisfactory as well as for some, satisfactory quantity is two hundred fifty to two thousand mg per week. Test – Workers comp four hundred is frequently combined with Anadrol 50, Dianabol, in addition to Deca Durabolin that increases the gain with large, power, in addition to mineral water retention.

TEST COMP 250 can provide significant gains in strength & muscle tissue, as well as a remarkable increase in libido. The propionate & phenyl propionate esters in this product are quickly used, releasing into circulation within the first 4 days. It has a tough anabolic activity, by a pronounced androgenic component for Australian.