Test-Comp 250 – Testosterone Compound 250mg/1ml x 5 amps



  • Ingredient: Testosterone Compound
  • Content: 250mg/1ml x 5 amps
  • Manufacturer: Unigen Lifesciences

Test-Comp 250 is Associate in nursing oil-based injectable androgen combine, built up with a system of rules. It frequently contains 4 completely different androgen esters: androgen phenyl propionate (60 mg); androgen propionate (30 mg); androgen deaconate (100 mg); and androgen isocaproate (60mg), though a lower treated edition is additionally made. Associate in Nursing viewing intelligence ‘engineered’ androgen, Sustanon is destined to supply a quick nevertheless extended unleash of androgen. The propionate & phenyl propionate esters during this product are rapidly utilized, touching into circulation at intervals the primary 4 days. The remaining esters are plentiful slower to unleash, staying active inside the body for regarding two and three weeks respectively.

As among all androgen, Test-Comp 250 could be a strong anabolic with pronounced sex hormone activity. It is mainly used as a bulking drug, offering sensible gains in strength & muscle mass. Although it’ll convert to steroid hormone, as is that the life of androgen, this injectable is renowned as being slightly a lot of tolerable than enanthate or cypionate. Such observations are solely problems with temporal order however. With Sustanon, blood levels of androgen are building lots of slow; therefore aspect effects do not set in as quickly. For identical blood endocrine levels however, androgen can break down equally whereas not relevance organic compound.

Besides correlating with steroid hormone, water retention would be obvious with Test-Comp 250, unless steps were taken to decrease steroid hormone. A lot of Australian people wish to use a combine of Nolvadex & Proviron, while others use Associate in nursing anti-aromatase similar to Femara, Arimidex, or Aromasin, to assist the management steroid hormone linked aspect effects.

Being a robust steroid hormone, we’ll expect the average aspect effects. This includes oily skin, premature hairless and disease of the skin body/facial hair growth. The addition of Proscar/Propecia should be ready to reduce such aspect effects, since it can limit the conversion of androgen to DHT or dihydrotestosterone.

Though Sustanon remains active inside the body for about three weeks, injections are taken a minimum of every 10 days. An efficient indefinite quantity ranges from two hundred fifty mg (1 ampule) per week, to one thousand mg (4 ampules) weekly. A few Australian athletes do use a lot of severe dosages of this steroid, but this is often extremely not a recommended apply. Once the indefinite quantity increases on top of 750-1000mg per week, exaggerated aspect effects can little doubt be prevailing over feather edges.

Test-Comp 250 is maybe the foremost asked for injectable androgen. I have to however emphasize that this is often excessive to Associate in Nursing uncommon efficiency of this androgen combination although (remember esters sole consequence the discharge of testosterone), but just because a “stack” of four completely different esters could be an outstanding point. In several instances you will get plenty for your cash with enanthate in Australia, therefore don’t let the flowery stack fool you.