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Winstrol – a combination of steroids

It is a potent steroid builder lean muscle mass and defined . Very popular among bodybuilders, after deca durabolin, Testoviron and dianabol. This medicine is unique in not altering estrogen, so there is no fluid retention and the builder tends to define or give a more rocky appearance.

Winstrol has two presentations on the market, injections and tablets being the first more concentrated and used the latter, because they cause less recharge in the liver to the athlete.

For use in bulking cycles is very good with Testoviron (testosterone or similar), or dianabol. This combination should give us a good gain muscle without fluid retention as strong as if you used that also balances us estrogenic effects of other drugs.

For periods of definition can be combined with Deca Durabolin, boldenone or primobolan and rest assured that the results are to be expected in terms of hardness and rockiness are concerned. It is clear to note that a cycle with this steroid should not exceed six to eight weeks.

Dosage: The injectable version of 50 mg per dose is the ideal, and according to studies is talk of a waiting time of 24 to 48 hours between each injection, ie supplies two or three weeks, without ever exceeding the 350 mg weekly.

Implications: We should note that this steroid is decomposed in the liver and should always be accompanied by good stewards liver (4 to 6 silymarin daily pastas are a good choice). We may also eventually suffer muscle cramps, headaches and when abused regularly, hepatic, prostate problems, acne and hair fall are part some of its harmful effects.